To manufacture superior quality fabrics for most varieties, Velcord starts with combed, compact yarns that meet the highest technical standards anywhere in the world. The first step in corduroy production involves the intricate and specialized weaving of the yarns to produce loomstate corduroy and velveteen fabrics. At Velcord, this is accomplished on new high speed Air-jet and Rapier looms imported from Europe and Japan.

Pile Cutting

The uncut greige fabric is then transferred to the pile processing department. Here, the cord or pile is cut on German and American pile cutting machines. The smooth rotary blades accurately cut the pile or loop in the fabric. The number of wales determines the number of cutting operations required on the fabric.


The cut fabric is then processed on a brushing range. A series of nylon bristles lift the pile of the fabric to produce the characteristic corduroy look.

Dyeing & Finishing

Velcord has mastered the process of dyeing and finishing in-house. All the auxiliaries and dyes used are Azo-free as well as REACH certified. All the incoming raw materials have to pass stringent quality tests to be approved for the process. Our finished product is meticulously tested in conformance with the necessary AATCC and ISO test standards.

Fabric Inspection

At Velcord, Quality is an integral part of our commitment to produce world-class fabrics. Velcord follows the American 4 Point inspection standard. The fabric is rolled on advanced machines, shrink-wrapped and ready to be dispatched to the final customer either as Greige, PFD or as dyed fabric.